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Sports Engine

Communication with Sports Engine:

You have two choices for interacting with your team! Either the SE (Sports Engine) mobile app or via your favorite browser on! In the Guide below we will cover some of the more important aspects of the SE app and website! If there are any questions please send an email to

Managing your Profile:

You can manage your profile from either the website or the mobile app for Sports Engine: We will first look at our website option via your favorite browser.

In the top right corner of the website you will see your initials (or an image if you uploaded one!) This will take you to the profile management screen for your profile.

My Home:

After you click on "My Account" you will have several options on when browsing from your PC.

  • Household
    • Your household is your master account and any child account that is associated to your account.
    • By clicking on a child account you will see your Players information and you can assign a "guardian" to the player. Guardians have the same parental abilities as the master account holder.  But the master account can remove guardianship at any time.
  • Schedule
    • Your Sports Engine Schedule is a master schedule of all the teams you are a part of! If you have multiple players on teams you will see both schedules here!
    • From within the schedule and it's individual items you can RSVP to events and activities.
  • Teams
    • Your teams in SE are any teams you coach / volunteer for. And and teams that your players are a part of! A master profile can be involved with multiple teams!
    • By Clicking on view team you will then be taken to team specific information!
  • Groups
    • This shows any groups that you are assigned to. By clicking on the groups you can send a message to the entire group!
  • Bills
    • This will show you the status of any bills that you have open with Shippensburg Little League!
  • Registration
    • These registrations are for any player accounts that are attached to your account. You can then click on each registration and see the specifics of the order.
  • Settings
    • You can alter the settings of your account including Email, Phone numbers, and notification settings.
  • Dibs
    • This is a listing of any volunteer activities that you are involved in.

On our Website!

Look in the top right corner of our web page!

The Sports Engine App:

Your Source for all Team related Activities!

Download the App:

Make sure your phone is up to date with the most recent version of iOs or your phones android operating system!

iPhone - Android


My Teams:

From your PC, you will see "My Organizations". When you click on the down arrow you will see the teams that you or your players are involved in. When you are on the menu for your specific teams you will see the following items:

  • Schedule
    • This is all the games and events that your team has scheduled.
  • Roster
    • All of the players, coaches and staff involved with your teams.
  • Chat
    • This is your primary communication tool with the team. When parents of players on the team can interact with each other!
  • Go to Team Page
    • This link will send you to the page for your team on

The Mobile App:

The mobile app will show much of the same information that is on  the Sports Engine on the website. But it is formatted for your mobile device.  You can find the following information on the mobile app:

  • Schedule
    • The events and games of your team
  • Roster
    • The Players, Coaches and Staff of the Team
  • Chat
    • The communication portal that the entire team can use to talk with each other!
  • Messages
    • Direct private messages If you want to contact someone privately through sports engine.
  • Standings
    • Your teams current standing in the division
  • Stats
    • If your team records the teams stats they will show up here.
  • Photos
    • The team can upload photos here of the team.
    • ll photos uploaded are secure and only available to the team.
  • Videos
    • The team can upload videos of the the team.
    • All videos uploaded are secure and only available to the team.
  • News
    • Any articles written about the team will show up here!


Assigning a Guardian:

If multiple parents want to have access to a players team they can both be guardians of the player. The profile that registered the player will need to invite the other parent via Sports Engine:

*The new guardian should create an account prior to the steps below!

  • Click on your icon our website, then click on Household from the Menu.
  • Click on the player that you want to assign a new guardian to
  • Scroll to the bottom of the player page and click the {+} on the Guardians Section of the player page.

When the new guardian is assigned they will receive an email regarding the invite to be a guardian.  They can also click on the notification icon (Bell Shaped) to see the invite there. Just click the button to accept!

the original guardian can revoke the guardianship at any time.