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Player Divisions:

What division is right for my child?

Children from 4 to 15 years old can be Little Leaguers®. With several age-specific divisions, there are fun, competitive baseball opportunities at Shippensburg Area Little League. 

But, before players can put on their Little League uniform, they need to determine their league age. To learn a player’s league age, Little League uses an Age Determination Date, with both Little League Baseball® and Little League Softball® having distinct, different dates.

To find a child’s League Age for the upcoming season, use the League-Age Calculator.

Based on the number of players registering to play in a given season, each local league has the option to adjust the age groupings of the players in their league, in accordance with Little League rules and regulations. This allows all participants, from Tee Ball to Junior League, to have a fun, meaningful experience.

We strongly recommend that you register your child for the appropriate division based on the player's current skill level. 

Please see below for further descriptions of our different divisions. 


The SALL T-Ball Division offers a fun, instructional league for players who are either new to the sport or still refining the basic skills. Tee Ball is a non-competitive program focused on fun, fitness, and fundamentals where players ages 4–6 are first introduced to the basics of baseball. SALL strives to provide a T-Ball experience focused on teaching the fundamentals of the game in a fun environment while incorporating a high level of physical activity.

Hybrid Division

This level of play is a hybrid of coach pitch and player pitch suited for players 6 - 8 years old and fosters continued skills development and a better understanding of the rules and nuances of the game. The focus remains on the fun of playing the sport while more coaching attention is given to fielding, making plays, accurate throwing, proper hitting technique and preparing the player for all player-pitch at the Minor level.

Minors Division

The Minors Division is a level of baseball where a higher level of game understanding and ability is taught and is suited for players 7 to 10 years old. Competition as it relates to winning and losing is introduced at this level. Winning and losing remain secondary to the essential goal of teaching each player to embrace success or failure with grace and to learn from both. Primary goals are to give players as much experience and playing time as possible and encouragement of ongoing development for all players in all phases of the game. This important developmental division provides a relatively even but not necessarily equal distribution of playing time among players. Minors includes all player pitch, scoring and umpiring. 

Majors Division

This division promotes competition to a higher degree as compared to the Minor League and is for players 9 - 12 years old. Within this more competitive environment, the emphasis remains on improving baseball skills, building individual self-esteem, promoting team camaraderie and emphasizing fair play. The division is designed to be both the satisfying culmination of some players' Little League careers and to prepare other players for higher levels of play including advancement in Little League Tournament play and readiness to move up to a full 90 foot diamond.

Intermediate Division

The Intermediate (50/70) Baseball Division for players league-age 11-13 offers a transition for players between the standard Little League field size (46-foot pitching distance and 60-foot base paths) and the Junior/Senior/ field size (60-foot, 6-inch pitching distance and 90-foot base paths).Many of the Junior League rules will be used such as runners being permitted to lead off bases, runners may attempt to steal at any time, and allowing an on-deck batter.

Juniors Division

The Junior League Baseball Division is a program for ages 13-15, using a conventional 90-foot diamond with a pitching distance of 60 feet, 6 inches. Modified diamond dimensions may be used during the regular season.


The Senior League Baseball Division is a program for ages 15-16, Using a conventional 90-foot diamond with a pitching distance of 60 feet, 6 inches. Modified diamond dimensions may be used during the regular season.