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Concessions with SALL

The Shippensburg Little League Concession Stand is going to focus on the essential baseball food(s)! From soft pretzels, nachos, hot dogs, fries and hamburgers! We'll even have a wide variety of sunflower seeds, candy and cold treats! Our concession stand is going to have something for everyone.

But we need your help as parents of our little league players! Our concession stand has had a long and successful history with our parents at its helm!  We hope to rekindle this spirit of volunteerism during the season!

We have 100+ baseball games at our facilities during our regular season and we are asking you for help! If you click on the link below or on the DIBS link in our main menu it will take you our concession volunteer page! Each unclaimed Dib is open for a part to  volunteer!

Shippensburg Little League wants to give you the opportunity to pick the games that you can help with at the concession stand.  So if you have a couple hours to invest in our league please consider taking a session or two! We will leave this page open for two weeks to allow parents the option to signup for at least 1 time-slot per player in the league. Any remaining open slots will be the responsibility of the home team of any game.

Volunteers at our concession stand will need to have a Sports Engine Account! This way we can keep track of the sessions you complete! If you have a player in our league you can use the sports engine account you signed your player up with!

 For every game worked the league would like to say thank you by offering a $5 credit to your players next year registration fee!

If there are any questions please reach out to the concession committee with the below link!

Concession Committee

Please contact the committee with any questions!