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New Board for the 2017 season

A new board has been voted in for the 2017 season.

Next Board Meeting

Next Little League Board Meeting is scheduled for February 27th, at Doc Norcross Club House at 6pm.


2017 Registration Starts on Wednesday January 4th and will run through Sunday February 26th.  Registration cost will be $50.00 per child in January and $60.00 per child in February.

Every Wednesday from 6-8pm. Saturday from 10am-2pm and Sunday from 3-5pm.

2017 Tryouts will be held on Saturday March 11th at Doc Norcross. Draft is the same day.

2017 Opening Day is Saturday April 8th!


The 2017 Board has been elected.
Members for the 2017 season are:

President Chris Lehman
Vice President Jeremy Diehl
Treasurer Josh Fritz
Secretary Terri Diehl
Saftey Officer Jeremy Gilbert
Trustee Matt Chamberlin
Trustee John Stought
Trustee Brandi Gilbert
Trustee Brad Weller
Equipment Manager Jeremy Gilbert
Concession Mgr Jessica Stought
Information Manager Jeff Horne
Field Maintenance Brock Brenize
Building Maintenance Mike Thimgan
Fundraising Tiffany Moriarty Roth
Assistant Field & Building maint Tom Mathna
Player Agent Eddie Melendez

Countdown for 2017 Tryouts