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The Under the Lights Campaign has allowed the Shippensburg Area Little League to install the lights on Doc Norcross Stadium. As of October 2019 we have raised $60,291.00 The league was able to obtain a $95,000.00 loan as a bridge to to complete the construction phase of this project. And we are exited to say that the 2020 baseball season will be played under the lights!

But we are not done yet! We are still looking for partners to help us pay off our debt faster! Through the generosity of our donors listed below we have been able to make all the down payments required for this project to be completed and we have just under 2 years of payments in our savings account ($24,000)


Paying down the Loan:

Where does Shippensburg Area Little League go from here? We will continue to seek out donations and grants / other form of funding for this project until our loan balance sits at $0.00. We currently are just under $94,000.00! Our monthly payment for the lights are just over $1,100.00 

But if you are still interested in donating to the cause and becoming a partner with the league you can find the donor sheet below!